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Ylli Sallahi shows a lot of promise at left back

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David Alaba has locked down the starting left back spot, but Ylli Sallahi will possibly pursue the backup position this summer

Micha Will

Ylli Sallahi was someone many Bayern fans admitted to have never heard of before his debut away to FC Augsburg, one day before his 20th birthday.

He played as adequately as a 19-year old could by most estimations but because the injury bug stopped biting Bayern so frequently, he didn't appear in the squad again last season.

The Austrian (by way of Kosovo) did impress with the Amateure however, which is partially what earned him his place in the Bayern first team on three occaisions when the squad was thin.

He featured primarily at left back but also sometimes on the wing, making him look like a perfect back-up or future replacement for David Alaba, should the latter move to a different club in the future.

In 25 appearances (12 as a starter), Sallahi scored three times and assisted three goals while being an important part of the back-line that allowed the Amateure to win the Bayernliga, though unfortunately not achieve promotion because of there being no automatic promotion from the fourth tier.

Sallahi is certainly promising but has a long way to go to catch David Alaba in the squad, which says a lot about Alaba's quality. Whether or not Diego Contento hangs around, we could see Sallahi take over the Italian's spot in the first team. Perhaps a loan spell at a 2. Liga team could do him some real good, maybe a place where he will get ample playing time at the bottom end of the table.

Based on his play in the Amateure, his grade for last season is a B+.

Grade 2013-2014: B+