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Tom Starke wants to remain at Bayern Munich past next summer

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Bayern Munich's backup has made up his mind about his future.

Simon Hofmann

While there is zero questioning Manuel Neuer's status at Bayern Munich's number one goalkeeper, it's fair to look at the club's backup goalkeeper situation and consider the options. This season, we saw Tom Starke fill-in for Neuer early in the season, and then Lukas Raeder take over the back-up duties once the veteran goalkeeper was sidelined with an elbow injury.

However, Raeder is now gone from the club, leaving Starke to reclaim the back-up position unchallenged, and he's under contract for another season. Starke, as you might expect for a 33 year old goalkeeper, is very happy with his current situation. "I want to play until I keel over," Stark said. "I sat on the bench for five years at the beginning of my career in Leverkusen. I'm a late bloomer." He may have only played seven competitive matches since joining Bayern in the summer of 2012, but Starke has already been apart of winning eight trophies.

Starke is under contract for another season, so it's difficult to see Bayern making a move for another goalkeeper this summer. While it's tough to see Bayern bringing in a goalkeeper of enough quality that Neuer's job is in jeopardy, the very real possibility exists that they decide to move on from Starke at the end of next season. However, it is good to know Starke is interested in securing an extension with FCB already.