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Thomas Müller commits his future to Bayern Munich

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Worry no more, Thomas Müller is 100% committed to Bayern Munich.

Stuart Franklin

Not only did Bayern Munich announce Philipp Lahm's contract extension and subsequent retirement plans on Wednesday, but they also announced that Thomas Müller had signed an extension to keep him in Munich through the summer of 2019. I'm going to let Thomas tell you how many more years he'll be in a Bayern jersey.

Securing Müller's future with the club was paramount after he reportedly expressed some doubts over his role with Bayern. He said he wanted to speak to management and get reassurances about his value. That's exactly what happened.

"Shortly before the start of the World Cup, I'm very happy about extending my contract with FC Bayern until 2019. We held very good talks with the management of the club, which made it clear to me that I'm in the right place here. I have the feeling I'm an important component in the club's plans. FC Bayern Munich has been my club since 2000 and will remain my club in the years to come."

I know that I don't have to sit here and tell you how valuable Müller is to what Bayern do. You've seen it with your own eyes. However, OptaFranz has really laid it out for you. Müller was directly involved in 38 goals during the 2013-2014 season without being the focal point of the team. THIRTY. EIGHT. This doesn't include the numerous goals that he helped create either with his passing or off the ball movements to throw defenders for a loop.

Müller may not overpower everyone like Cristiano Ronaldo. He may not be able to dance through the heart of a defense like Lionel Messi. Hey may not be able to score crazy goals like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. However, Thomas Müller is a damn good footballer, and I'm overjoyed that he's staying with FC Bayern.