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Xherdan Shaqiri had a quietly productive, albeit injury-laden season

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Injuries slowed his season, but Xherdan Shaqiri was pretty productive this year.

Lennart Preiss

It was an interesting 2013-1014 season for Xherdan Shaqiri.

Goals Assists
7 4

He performed well on the field for Bayern Munich. He played nearly 500 fewer minutes in the Bundesliga this season compared to last, but the Swiss midfielder managed to score two more goals. He showed the same "bulldog-like" aggressiveness that we've grown to love from him over the last two seasons.

Touches/90 Pass % Back Zone Pass % Forward Zone Pass %
79.69 0.85 0.96 0.74

The one game that stands out in particular is the home match against SC Freiburg. In that match, Shaqiri ran his backside off and managed to bag two goals. His ability to play through contact from defenders is one of my favorite features of his and not something that we see from the club's other wingers. He played through fairly heavy contact on both of his goals in that game before finishing past Oliver Baumann.

Shots/90 KP+Assists/90 Duel % Aerial Duel %
4.18 3.46 34% 43%

Shaqiri also suffered through three hamstring injuries this season. They always seemed to come right when he would find his form and was playing very well. With him going to the World Cup this summer with Switzerland, let's hope that he is fully recovered from these hamstring injuries and doesn't bring any lingering issues back to camp with him.

Tackles/90 Int/90 Recoveries/90 Clearances/90
0.86 0.26 2.64 0

The one thing that continually brought us down throughout the second half of the season was just how often Shaqiri was linked with moves away from the club. Whether it was Liverpool or Manchester United or Arsenal or Juventus or Sevilla, it seemed that everyone wanted to link themselves with him. Hopefully, he remains with Bayern for the foreseeable future.

If for no other reason than the fact that he missed a lot of games due to injuries, I feel very confident in giving Shaqiri a B-. His role with this team this year was as a reserve, and he performed up to expectations for me.

Grade 2013-2014: B-