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Bayern Munich reserves vs. Fortuna Köln | Gamethread and Live Updates

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90 minutes left and a one goal deficit. The Bayern Munich reserves have some work to do.

Thorsten Wagner

A late goal in the first leg of the Regionalliga playoff gave Bayern Munich II an early deficit to overcome. While the potent attack of Fortuna Köln was able to bury one past Lukas Raeder, that goal came off a long throw-in. The Bayern Munich reserves defensive presence was underwhelming to say the least, and without Lukas Raeder the game could have been much uglier. It will take a much more serious and concerted effort from Stefan Buck and David Vrzogic this time around for Bayern Munich to have a shot at promotion.

However, unlike the Köln based side, the potential return of Pierre Hojbjerg could be a major swing in the balance of this match from the first leg to the second.

With 90 minutes at the Grünwald Stadion remaining, their whole season's work hangs in the balance. The Bayern Munich reserves have work to do.

Time: 2:00pm CET / 8:00am EST

Live Stream: FCB.TV

Bayern Munich reserve lineups: Raeder; Schmitz, Wein, Vrzgovic, Chessa; Oikonomou; Sallahi, Schöpf, T. Schweinsteiger, Weihrauch; Friesenbichler

Substitutes: Husic, Fischer, Scholz, Rankovic, Jelisic, Schwarz, Ribery

Fortuna Köln lineups: Poggenborg, Pazurek, Laux, Hörnig, Sievers; KIalka, Zinke, Andersen; Kraus, Dahmani, Steffen

Substitutes: Monath, Kessel, Brill, Stojanovic, Kwame, Dubbert, Aydogmus