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Forbes names 2014's most valuable soccer teams: Bayern Munich are fourth

Bayern Munich continued to see their value increase in Forbes' rankings

Alexander Hassenstein

Forbes released their annual list of the Most Valuable Soccer Teams this week, and we have compiled all of that information for you here. Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona top the list as the first and second most valuable clubs in the entire world at $3.44 billion and and $3.2 billion respectively. The other members of the Billionaires Club are Manchester United ($2.81b), Bayern Munich ($1.85b), and Arsenal ($1.33b).

If we go by Forbes valuation of Bayern last summer ($1.309b), that's around a 42% increase after one additional season.

Ranking Team Current Value Revenue (2012-13) Operating Income (2012-13)
1 Real Madrid $3.44b $675m $172m
2 Barcelona $3.2b $627m $154m
3 Manchester United $2.81b $551m $165m
4 Bayern Munich $1.85b $561m $122m
5 Arsenal $1.33b $370m $38m
6 Chelsea $868m $394m $61m
7 Manchester City $863m $411m -$18m
8 AC Milan $856m $343m $47m
9 Juventus $850m $354m $66m
10 Liverpool $691m $313m $61m
11 Borussia Dortmund $600m $333m $95m
12 Schalke 04 $580m $258m $62m
13 Tottenham Hotspur $514m $224m $36m
14 Inter Milan $483m $219m -$40m
15 Paris Saint-Germain $415m $518m $147m
16 Galatasaray $347m $204m -$4m
17 Atletico Madrid $328m $156m $36m
18 Hamburg $326m $176m $35m
19 AS Roma $307m $162m -$18m
20 Napoli $296m $156m $47m

Some things that stood out in the above table:

  1. Hamburg are the 18th most valuable team in the entire world. Mismanagement have just destroyed this club. They should be challenging for a Champions League place in the Bundesliga each and every season. Thanks to that mismanagement, they will finish at best this season in the relegation playoff.
  2. France only has one representative in this list, and it's PSG (of course).
  3. Manchester City, Inter Milan, Galatasaray, and AS Roma are the only clubs in the top twenty to post an operating loss for the 2012-13 season..
  4. Should I be a little shocked that Galatasaray are even on this list? It's the one standout "WOW!" for me.
  5. These teams dropped completely out of the list: Lyon, Corinthians, Marseille, and Newcastle United.
  6. These teams are the newcomers to the "WE GOT MONEY" list: Paris Saint-Germain, Galatasaray, Atletico Madrid, and AS Roma.
What are your thoughts on the list? Which club(s) make you go "WOW!"? Who are the teams you thought would definitely make this list?

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