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Bayern Munich renew call for goal line technology in the Bundesliga

Bayern Munich are pressing the issue of bringing goal line technology to the Bundesliga.

Alexander Hassenstein

If you remember back in March, the German sides voted on whether or not to bring goal line technology to the Bundesliga. Nine Bundesliga and fifteen 2.Bundesliga teams voted against bringing the technology to the first two divisions of German football, and the vote failed to receive the necessary two-thirds majority.

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund were two of the clubs that were pushing for the introduction of goal line technology to the Bundesliga. This makes sense when you consider that they can easily afford the implementation. The argument against bringing in goal line technology is the fact that it is just too expensive for many of the smaller clubs.

Well, there was obviously some controversy in the DFB Pokal Final when Mats Hummels's header clearly crossed the goal line (He was offside!), and the referee and linesman ruled that Dante cleared the ball. We know that goal line technology likely corrects that call.

Well, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has penned a letter to DFL President (and current Borussia Dortmund President) Dr. Reinhard Rauball with the information that they are submitting a proposal to bring goal line technology to the Bundesliga (excluding the 2.Bundesliga).

"We have submitted today's proposal for the introduction of goal-line technology, exclusively in Bundesliga 1, at the earliest possible opportunity, because in the future we must better protect football and in particular the referees. The way match officials, who do not have access to replays and slow motion footage, let alone mathematical calculations, are subjected to public abuse is unacceptable. This can and should be prevented in the future.

"As reported in the media, at the assembly of member clubs on 24 March 2014, the introduction of goal-line technology was rejected largely by clubs in Bundesliga 2 on cost grounds. This is the reason today's proposal exclusively applies to clubs in the first division."

The proposal will now be voted on the next time the DFL member clubs meet.

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