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Instant Analysis: Bayern Munich 0-4 Real Madrid

We all wondered at the beginning of the season who would take Bayern out of the CL. Now, we have the answer.

Adam Pretty

It was very difficult for me to write this. I urge you to remember that these are initial reactions.

First Half:

Bayern started well enough; they looked to be a team on a mission. Thomas Muller was restored into the lineup. Philipp Lahm went back into defense and Dante paired Jerome Boateng in the center.

Our back-line has looked suspect all season. We had a problem defending set pieces all season. Sergio Ramos scored two headers, almost unchallenged.

Bayern players lost their cool relatively easily. This was slightly unexpected; going two goals down perhaps affects one's temperament on one's home ground.

Bayern could not deal with Ronaldo, Di Maria, Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. That is, yes, four players they needed to take care of.

The gap between Dante and Boateng seemed to grow wider with each Real attack.

The players can be blamed for the goals but Pep has changed up our back line so much this season that he has to take a share of the blame. Injuries allowed him to move Lahm to midfield initially; however, Pep had ample time to move Lahm back and allow the defense to adjust. Also, Javi Martinez would be of good use in midfield. I know plenty of you will not agree but to me, the two main reasons Bayern won the Champions League last season were a strong and consistent defense and a DM pairing of Javi Martinez-Bastian Schweinsteiger. Pep dismantled the two, primarily down to injuries and later, I am not sure why.

RM did to Bayern what Bayern did to Barcelona last season.

The half ran out with Manuel Neuer coming out of the box and getting caught out for almost the second time.

This was an excellent peformance from Real Madrid. They deserve to be in their first final in 12 years.

Bayern's worst performance in European competition was a 6-2 aggregate loss to Copenhagen in 1991. They lost to Zenit St Petersburg 5-1 in 2008 as well This equals their worst ever record as a result.

I know many will point to Real's playacting. Pep himself had once said that all incidences of bad luck have to be overcome. Bayern has overcome enough obstacles to know what to expect.

Next season, in terms of personnel, the team will remain the same with a few additions. But this season, there is nothing more to look forward to other than the DFB Pokal final against Dortmund, a game, for which, I do not believe Bayern will be fully prepared for. This defeat will hurt them and hurt them badly.

Second Half:

The second was simply about damage limitation considering all the damage had been done in the first half.

Javi Martinez came on in the second half in place of the largely ineffective Mario Mandzukic.

Bayern searched for a consolation but the conclusion had already been drawn. The performance was much more clean both offensively and defensively but it is hard to tell whether Real took their foot (in this case, feet) off the gas.

I would like to avoid speaking about the fourth goal. This is now officially our worst aggregate defeat in European history.

There's not much to write home about the second half- so let me just get to the conclusion.


It will definitely take time for the team and everyone associated with the team a while to recover from this. But this is not quite Chelsea 2012 despite the set piece issue; we were outplayed on our own pitch. However, as any Bayern fan knows, we have been humiliated in the past but we have risen each time. Saturday is a new match day. We will be back in Europe next season. To Europe, we bid adieu until September. To Germany, we say hello once again. HSV is the challenge on Saturday.

That's it from me then. Feel free to share your thoughts and frustrations.

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