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Report: Manchester United offer Toni Kroos £260,000 per week

Manchester United want Toni Kroos. They want Toni Kroos so bad, they've offered a wage package double what Bayern Munich offered him.

Boris Streubel

When publications like The Mirror start throwing around statements like Manchester United are going to offer Toni Kroos £200,000 per week to play in Manchester, we can generally pass it off as so much huffing and puffing for page views and other clickables.

But when the Guardian, a much more reputable source, are reporting that Manchester United is set to offer Toni Kroos £260,000 per week in an attempt to lure him to Manchester, it's time to start taking notice that this is a serious story and a serious play by Manchester United. While we all know Karl-Heinz Rumenigge has said unequivocally that Bayern Munich will not sell Toni Kroos this summer, that's also without these kinds of numbers being bandied about, and most likely no pressure from Toni Kroos.

£260,000 per week is an absolutely stunning amount of money. For those playing the Euro convertor Google game, that's a €16.4M salary. That level immediately catapults him into earning 33% higher then Bayern Munich's highest paid player. While that level is certainly madness, it also speaks to the level of desperation in Manchester these days. They're willing to vastly overspend on a single player, by as much as double his current clubs offer, to get him there. Furthermore, getting Toni Kroos on their side for a move is another means of exerting pressure on the Bayern Munich board to do this transfer.

Whether or not the pressure works on the Bayern Munich board in getting them to capitulate to a move is a very open question, but this kind of offer only comes along once in a lifetime(ok, maybe twice), and you better believe Toni Kroos is taking a long hard look at the red side of Manchester.

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