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Report: Robert Lewandowski suffers ACL strain with Poland

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Robert Lewandowski suffers ACL strain while on international duty.

Dennis Grombkowski

One day after it was announced that Arjen Robben was being withheld from the Netherlands friendly against France, it came down that Robert Lewandowski was being withheld from Poland's friendly against Scotland.

Whereas Robben is remaining with the Netherlands squad, Lewandowski was sent back to Dortmund to be reviewed by BVB doctor Markus Braun. What's really fun about that is what BILD is reporting. And by fun, I mean the exact opposite.

"I have a slight strain of the cruciate ligament. The doctor says I shouldn't play on Sunday," BILD - English translation via Bundesliga website

Excuse me for a minute (sounds of shattering glass).

Now, where was I? Oh, that's right. Excuse me for a minute (sound of shattering Ming dynasty vase).

In the short term, this is a potentially huge blow for Borussia Dortmund who are already suffering from a criminal number of injures, but it's the long term that's the most worrisome for Bayern Munich. While it's really up in the air as to the current impact of this injury, suffering an ACL tear, even a slight one, is a serious issue. ACL's don't repair themselves well (read: not at all) and I would stake my money on Lewandowski eventually having to go under the knife to repair it. It may not be a serious enough issue to cost him the rest of this season, but next season or the season after that are questions that need to be raised. And that's when he is on Bayern Munich's payroll.