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Arjen Robben picks up injury in training with Netherlands

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Arjen Robben injured while on international duty.

Adam Pretty

So, guess what? After saying this on Friday in the run up to the international fixtures tomorrow:'s important to remember that the games next week are next-to-meaningless and are an exercise in exhausting most of the players with five days of whirlwind travel sandwiched between two matches. These are the kinds of choices and actions that get players severely injured.

Which means that of course Arjen Robben picked up a upper thigh injury in the 5-1 win against Schalke then went to train with the Netherlands. As such, according to Die Telegraaf,  he now won't train or feature with the Dutch national team ahead of their clash tomorrow with France. "It does not look good, and therefore it might be better to [not] take any chances." the Dutchman said. He will remain with the squad through the week before returning to Bayern Munich.

So rather then staying put at Bayern and letting the injury heal Robben went to international duty, where surprise surpise, the injury was worse or perhaps where he even further aggravated it. Arjen Robben was starting to get back into the absolute tear (potential pun intended) he was on before the winter break, as his hat trick over the weekend attests to, and now Bayern may have to face the possibility that Robben might be out for even more time this season. The fact that Robben won't be returning to Bayern Munich for immediate medical evaluation suggests that perhaps this isn't much more then a minor injury, but the thought process of "Hey, I'm slightly injured. Lets go off and play meaningless games three days from now and risk further injury." should be infuriating to a fan of any team.

Pardon me while I go smash some objects of undetermined material value.