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The Bayern Bulletin: Heynckes Steadfast on Toni Kroos; Nerlinger's and Robben's Intriguing Interviews

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Heynckes thinks Kroos is a "head of the team" type player, Christian Nerlinger expresses his value to Bayern, and Arjen Robben discusses his future plans.

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Alex Grimm
Heynckes: "Players do not leave Bayern"

As yet another Transfer drama rages on, Jupp Heynckes is adamant that Toni Kroos should not leave FC Bayern München.

"Players who have the dimensions for Bayern and still can develop further may never waste a thought about leaving the club," Heynckes told kicker [AZ]

Toni Kroos, who currently makes €4.5 million, repeated to reporters that a decision will not come until the summer, although said: "There is no date when a decision has to be made."

"It is certainly not only about the money, that would not be my character." Kroos said "But, of course, I’d have to lie if I was to say that it is not also about the money."

Along with Manchester United, kicker has reported Real Madrid and Barcelona as possible destinations for Kroos. Heynckes is resolutely against those moves happening.

"One does not leave Bayern, not once for Real or Barca," he said. "He can win everything in the next four years with this team and must become the head of this team with his play."

Nerlinger: "Bayern profited a lot from me"

Christian Nerlinger, FC Bayern's director of sport from 2009 to 2012, talked about his experience in a kicker interview.

"I come out of my Bayern time with big self-confidence. I profited very much from Bayern, but also Bayern a lot from me," he told kicker [tz]

During Nerlinger's tenure, FC Bayern brought in big names like Jerome Boateng, Mario Gómez, Manuel Neuer, and Arjen Robben, as well as large contributors like Luiz Gustavo, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, and Rafinha. Matthias Sammer replaced him after the 2011/12 season.

"I experienced Bayern as a player and a sport director, beautiful and not so beautiful; today I am perfectly liberated. I can sit in the signs of the times, also when a the sport director will be measured on Titles. During the 90 minutes is someone as a sport director powerless."

Robben's End-of-Career Possibilities

Welt am Sonntag asked Arjen Robben in a recent sit-down whether he will end his career in a Bayern shirt, and the Dutchman gave an intriguing answer:

"Maybe, at least my career on the highest level. My contract runs for another year. Should I prolong it, it will be for two years. I’ll be 33 after that. Of course, a year in another country could tempt me then, for instance in the United States. But at the moment there is no other club I would love to play for more than FC Bayern. I am very happy here." [Die Welt translated via ESPN FC]

Previous reports have linked Robben to his hometown club in the Eredivisie, FC Groningen, bringing a storied career full-circle. He transferred from Groningen to PSV as an 18-year-old, thus embarking on his trek around Europe.