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Reports: Bayern Munich interested in Newcastle's Mathieu Debuchy, Fenerbahce's Caner Erkin

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The "silly season" never ends, and when you're the best team in Europe, every agent likes their client linked with your club.

Tom Dulat

Transfer rumors are nothing knew for Bayern Munich and supporters. We've been dealing with the rumors of Mario Mandzukic and Toni Kroos departing the club, but today we bring you rumors of Bayern after a right back and a left back.

We'll start on the right side of the field, where a report in the Metro is linking Bayern with a move for Newcastle United fullback Mathieu Debuchy. The Frenchman is valued around €9 million but remains under contract through 2018. He will turn 29 in the summer, which actually puts him a few months older than Rafinha. Debuchy is also reportedly being chased by Paris Saint Germain.

Those putting some validity to these rumors suggest that the goal for Pep Guardiola would be to move Philipp Lahm into the midfield almost full time and bring in another starter-quality right back to challenge Rafinha for the starting position.

On the left side of field, a Turkish newspaper reported that Bayen Munich had agreed to bring in Fenerbahce's left back Caner Erkin on a five year contract. However, his agent spoke to the media and tempered that story.

"Last week, it was rumored that he would move to Liverpool. Now, it is FC Bayern. We have stated that we are waiting to talk with Fenerbahce. That's still so. We will not make a decision until we have spoken with Fenerbahce."

The 25 year old is a free agent this summer, but it does appear that someone is using very big clubs to get a bigger payday this summer. We can safely put this into the "Not Happening" category.

What are your thoughts on Bayern moving to strengthen the fullback positions this summer?