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Bayern Munich draw 3-3 with Hoffenheim in a goalfest-a-palooza worthy of both teams

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Bayern Munich draw 3-3 with Hoffenheim in a deserved draw at the Allianz Arena.

Lennart Preiss

Three days after winning the Bundesliga in record time, Bayern Munich were back at it again this time against the formidable Hoffenheim. Actually, the only formidable part of Hoffenheim is their attack which is second only to Bayern Munich's in the Bundesliga. Their defense is the worst in the league. So, before this match even started it had goalfest-a-palooza stamped across it's forehead then colored in with Sharpie by it's drunk college roommates.

Then five first half goals were scored and it looked like we were heading straight past goalfest-a-palooza and into the ludicrous-a-palooza zone. Then Bayern Munich's abyssmal second half performance allowed Hoffenheim to get back into the game and Roberto Firmino's 75th minute goal was only an eventuality on the road to the deserved draw.

Some thoughts from today's match:

  • Hoffenheim were extremely dangerous for the first 30+ minutes. Their high pressure and intense attack really put Bayern Munich on the backheel from the first whistle. Anthony Modeste putting Hoffenheim into the lead in the 23rd minute was a forgone conclusion by the time it actually happened. Then in the 32nd minute, Modeste was taken out injured and the whole dynamic of Hoffenheim's attack imploded as Bayern Munich slammed two more goals past the visitors before the end of the first half to take the lead.
  • 3-2 at halftime was a very respectable score given the way Hoffenheim attacked Bayern and the way Dante and van Buyten basically derped their way through this game. Modeste's goal was a fantastic counterattack, and Salihovic put a brilliant free kick past Thomas Starke.
  • The second half from Bayern Munich was exceptionally poor. Their entire attack looked disjointed and uncoordinated. There was no fluidity to their movements and most of their worthwhile attacks were generated fast on the counter in direct opposition to how they've attacked for so much of this season. That disjointedness and inability to retain possession was their ultimate undoing. Roberto Firmino's 75th minute equalizer came after a poor clearance from Starke was recycled and they launched Firmino on the counter.
  • As the second half wore on Hoffenheim turned the screws on Bayern Munich with attack after attack. They clearly wanted this game with their entire soul and they nearly got it. Only a couple fantastic saves from Thomas Starke allowed Bayern Munich to hold on.
  • By the end of the match, Bayern Munich had been outshot 20 to 11. I can't actually remember a game where Bayern Munich were outshot and outplayed as thoroughly as they were in today. Without that injury to Anthony Modeste and the resulting confusion from Hoffenheim for 12 minutes, this would probably have been Bayern Munich's first loss in the Bundesliga since October of 2012