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Matchday 27: Bayern Munich vs. Hertha BSC | Lineups & Gamethread

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A win clinches the Deutscher Meister on Matchday 27. A new Bundesliga record.

It's the actual moment of truth. Bayern Munich have destiny and history in their own hands this time. If Bayern Munich win, they clinch the Deutscher Meister in record time for the second year in a row. Also they'll extend their league unbeaten streak to 52 games and their winning streak to 17 games.


Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany


Marco Fritz



Canada: Gol TV

Germany: Sky Go, WDR 2

Other Countries


Bayern Munch (4-2-3-1)

Mario Götze

Arjen Robben – Toni Kroos – Thomas Müller

Bastian Schweinsteiger – Phillipp Lahm

David Alaba –  Dante - Jérôme - Rafinha

Manuel Neuer

Bench: Tom Starke, Daniel Van Buyten, Thiago, Franck Ribery, Mario Mandzukic, Xherdan Shaqiri, Claudio Pizarro

Hertha BSC (4-2-3-1)

Adrian Ramos

Nico Schulz - Hany Mukhtar - Per Skjelbred

Levan Kobiashvili - Hajime Hosogai

Johannes van den Bergh – Christoph Janker - John Anthony Brooks – Peter Pekarik

Thomas Kraft

Bench: Maruis Gersbeck, Ronny, Anthony Syhre, Marcel Ndjeng, Peter Niemeyer, Fabian Holland, Sandro Wagner

Here are today's outcomes with the Revierderby result contingencies:

Bayern Munich win Clinches

Bayern Munich draw and...

Dortmund win: Does not clinch

Dortmund loss: Clinches

Dortmund draw: Clinches

Bayern Munich loss and...

Dortmund win: Does not clinch

Dortmund loss: Does not clinch

Dortmund draw: Clinches

As always - MIA SAN MIA.