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Bayern Munich will not sign Julian Draxler this summer

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Bayern Munich chairman Karl Heinz-Rumenigge says Bayern Munich will not buy Julian Draxler from FC SChalke 04 this summer.

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According to Bayern Munich's chairman Karl Heinz Rumenigge, Bayern Munich will not buy Julian Draxler this summer from Schalke 04. The 20-year-old German phenom is currently on the radar for numerous top clubs across Europe including most notably London-based Arsenal FC. Bayern Munich were originally not rumored to be in on the German international, but after a large bid from the London giants was rejected by Schalke over the winter, the rumors began swirling that the Bayern Munich were looking to bring the German international to the Allianz Arena.

However, Karl-Heinz Rumenigge responded directly to those rumors, saying "We are not buying any player from Dortmund or Schalke just to hurt these clubs,"..."We are just buying players who can give FC Bayern more quality straight away. I can rule out that we will sign Julian Draxler in the summer," - die Welt [Translation via The Guardian]

With some of the best attacking midfield talents in the world in the likes of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robbens signed to long term contracts, and having recently brought in some of the best, youngest central midfield attacking talents in the world(Mario Götze and Thiago), the prospect that Bayern Munich were going to also add Julian Draxler never made much sense. While Draxler's a phenomenal player, he's also not currently good enough to break into regular playing minutes with Bayern Munich, especially with players like Xherdan Shaqiri already populating the depth ranks. But there's not denying that Julian Draxler has the talent to be another phenomenal German and one that Bayern Munich should be looking to add to there arsenal in the future. He's a player they deserve, but not one they need right now.