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Bayern Munich win 2-0 over FSV Mainz 05 | Instant Analysis

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Bayern Munich are harassed, harried, and pushed by Mainz before a late goal seals the win, and the 51st straight game unbeaten, for die Roten.

This game had 0-0 written all over it by the 5th minute. But an 82nd minute cross from Xherdan Shaqiri found Bastian Schweinstegier to break the deadlock and deliver the winning goal in Bayern Munich's 2-0 win over Mainz 05.

A diamond 4-4-2 against a 4-2-3-1. The question is always going to be can the side in the diamond stifle the wing play of their opposition? Which is exactly what Mainz did as they pressed the wings and dominated the center of the pitch for the first 50+ minutes before dropping off and settling for the draw against an undeniably better side. While Bayern Munich put together some absolutely stellar attacks against Mainz after that change, they were met with an equally stellar performance from Mainz goalkeeper Lori Karius.

Nothing looked any different until 82 minutes had passed. The goal resulted from a pin point accurate cross from Shaqiri, whose introduction was looking quite suspect until then, that Bastian Schweinsteiger met just yards out from goal to drop into the net. Just minutes later, Franck Ribery got loose on the left, drew out Lori Karius and slipped it across to Mario Götze who delivered the second goal to plunge a dagger into the hearts of Mainz fans who deserved to earn a point, or more, from this match.

  • The first half was all Mainz. Thomas Tuchel's side deployed in their diamond 4-4-2 and really took the match to Bayern. Utilizing high pressure and midfield dominance they were able to not only contain Bayern Munich, but control the entire match. Pressure on the wings kept Arjen Robben silent and Franck RIbery invisible while their numerical advantage in midfield isolated Thomas Müller and kept Kroos and Schweinsteiger uncomfortable.
  • The second half was much brighter from Bayern Munich but more because Tuchel elected to keep Mainz tucked back after reaching the 50-55 minute mark. That was an extremely smart decision as most teams begin tiring soon afterwards when utilizing the high press. For sides like Mainz, going toe to toe with Bayern Munich for 90 minutes is a sure fire way to commit suicide, but Tuchel may have just shown teams the blueprint for curtailing and restricting this team. The results may have hinged on Lori Karius being Superman but overall it was effective strategy for pushing Bayern Munich and making them uncomfortable on the ball.