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Bayern Munich Frauen defeat SG Essen 3-0 with a quick flurry of second half goals

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A rapid, three goal sequence within the span of eight minutes saw Bayern Munich Frauen defeat SG Essen at the Grünwald Stadion.

In Matchday 14 of the Frauen Bundesliga, the FC Bayern Frauen took on SG Essen-Schönebeck at the Grünwald stadion, winning 3-0 after three second half goals delivered the win.

The first 45 minutes were a pedantic affair as Essen sat deep and committed little to attacking Bayern Munich. They frequently committed no more than four players into any attack and seemed content to use their holding midfield to recycle possession and force Bayern Munich back into their own half. Bayern's only real chance of the half came from a mistake by the Essen defense as a bad bounce saw the ball fall to Sarah Hagen, who volleyed just inches wide of the post. Other then that brief bit of excitement, the game went into the half lacking bite and looking for all indications to be a scoreless affair.

The second half opened up significantly as the Frauen began shifting play wide, using the space opened by the advance of the Essen wide midfielders to pin back the Essen defense. Adding Eunice Beckmann helped stretch the field as Bayern Frauen drove at the Essen box. It was only a matter of time before they snatched the first goal which came in the 61st minute as Gina Lewandowski found the ball in the box before slotting it home to give Bayern Munich Frauen the 1-0 lead. Five minutes later, Jenny Gaugigl found herself 25 yards from goal and she unleashed a rocket that bounced off the crossbar before Sarah Hagen pounced making it 2-0. On replay, it looked like the shot from Gaugigl bounced over the line before bouncing out of the goal, so look for the credit on that to potentially change. Four minutes later, the Essen defense bobbled a ball and Vanessa Bürki calmly slipped in and banked the mistake to run the score up to 3-0 for the home side. Eight minutes later, the game was over.

It was a comprehensive win for the Bayern Frauen as they added three points to keep themselves in fourth place in the Frauen Bundesliga.

Frauen lineup: Längert, Lewandowski, Gaugigl (Schöne 78'), Baunach, Hagen, Bürki, Lotzen(Jaser 83'), Holstad, Manieri, Schough(Beckmann 56'), Schnaderbeck

Goals: Lewandowski(61'), Hagen(66'), Bürki(69')