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Toni Kroos discussed moving to Manchester United with his brother

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Felix Kroos talked to Sky Sports about his brother, Toni, and the interest coming from Manchester United

Lars Baron

It's largely been a media-driven storm since David Moyes showed up at Bayern' Munichs clash against Borussia Mönchengladbach in late January, that Manchester United are looking to snap up Toni Kroos amidst the ongoing/stalled contract negotiations with his currnet club.  After David Moyes was at yesterday's 5-1 annihilation of Schalke 04, the idea that he's eyeing Toni Kroos is starting to look like a complete and utter certainty.

But now the lid is starting to come off. Yesterday in an interview with Sky Germany, Felix Kroos, Toni's younger brother and Werder Bremen attacking midfielder, stated that he and Toni have had conversations about transferring to Manchester United.

"We have already talked about [Toni potentially moving to Manchester United].

"Manchester has been the team of my dreams since I was a child. However, I don't give him any advice.

"He will take a good decision for himself. There are worse situations than having to decide something like that." -

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The main takeaway from all of this is that Toni Kroos is keeping his options open and he's seeking the opinion of friends and family. Naturally, much of the media will spin this as "Toni hints that he could come to Mancester United", which is not demonstrated by anything Kroos younger said. Bayern Munich are hopefully hard at work, looking to retain the 24-year-old German international. On the off chance that Bayern Munich don't give Toni Kroos what he feels he deserves , moving to a world-renowned team like Manchester United comes with the same appeal as playing for Bayern Munich, despite the ongoing and completely caustic situation developing at Old Trafford. And Toni Kroos has every right to think about the rewards and ramifications to him and his family before he makes any decision.