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Rekordmeister Podcast: Arsenal, Hoeneß Goes Away, Leverkusen

Like last season, just as Bayern begin to hit their stride and go deeper in Europe, things threaten to unravel behind the scenes.

Alexandra Beier

Arsenal came into the Allianz Arena needing to reverse a (0-2) scoreline in London but conceded first to Bayern, setting the tie out of reach though they would get one back through ex-Bayern player Podolski.

Now ex-Bayern President Uli Hoeneß was convicted of tax fraud of an amount much larger than thought throughout the last year since his initial arrest, and the gang wonders if he was totally forthcoming to the Board about his predicament.

In the second half of the show, Eric from the Neverkusen Podcast joins Michel, Susie and I to talk about the 2-1 win by Bayern over B04 in Munich.

Listen in the player below, on Stitcher, iTunes, or here:

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