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A Scoreless Draw in Bayern Munich Reserve Match Against Buchbach

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Bayern II blows an opportunity to increase their Regionalliga lead

Sebastian Widmann

Sights set on promotion to the 3. Bundesliga, Bayern Munich II hampered their Regionalliga campaign with a scoreless draw against TSV Buchbach on Sunday.

With FV Illertissen drawing to 1. FC Nürnberg II, the kleine Bayern whiffed at the opportunity to increase their league at the top of the Regionalliga Bayern table.

"I am certainly disappointed in the result. We had too little Tempo in our play." said ten Hag []. "That was simply too little from my team. A lot of work is still ahead of us."

Aside from a couple of early action and dangerous free kicks from Pierre-Emile Højbjerg and Buchbach's Aleksandro Petrovic late, the match was largely uneventful. Buchbach set up in two banks of four, causing the table leaders to try and find spaces to work with.

Julian Green started at the top of the formation for the first time since the winter break, ten Hag bringing Kevin Friesenbichler off the bench and not calling on Tobias Schweinsteiger. Patrick Weihrauch, who has struggled with injuries for most of autumn, started for the first time since his red card against FV Illertissen in September. He manned the right flank with Weiser playing on the left.

While the senior side as slowly transitioned back to a double-pivot system, ten Hag has consistently fielded the classic 4-1-4-1, Højbjerg remaining the focal point of the midfield. Alessandro Schöpf, who signed a professional contract in November, has become a fixture in the hole.

The single-point result now gives the Bayern reserves 58 on the season, only one ahead of Illertissen in the Regionalliga Bayern. the kleine Bayern do have an opportunity to widen the gap with the next few fixtures, playing six bottom-clubs before the rematch in Illertissen. Next Saturday they travel to Stadion am Schönbusch to play Viktoria Aschaffenburg.