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Trial of Uli Hoeneß: Total in back taxes exceeds €27M, could pay in excess of €70M

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Uli Hoeneß tax trial takes a turn for the surreal as the Bayern Munich president owes in excess of €27M , but could remain a free man if the court accepts a €70M or greater voluntary disclosure request.

Stuart Franklin

Coming with the third day of the long coming trial of Uli Hoeneß on charges of tax evasion, was the news that total reported sum owed in back taxes now exceeds €27M. That was after Hoeneß admitted to owing over €18M in back taxes on Monday, and before the prosecution brought to light more information they had recently received that pushed the total over €23M yesterday.

Hoeneß' lawyers have further provided for voluntary disclosure that in 2003 and 2005 their client made in excess of €130M in combined income. Whether he paid taxes on them is not clear, but with voluntary disclosure, the Bayern Munich president could pay over €70M and remain free. [BILD]

It's an absolutely stunning amount of money, and it really calls into question what we could see from the courts in Germany. Many expected a jail sentence, or possibly some monetary recompense, as Hoeneß was indicted on charges of only €3.5M in tax evasion. However the sheer amount of money now being debated really blows those expectations out of the water. Tax evasion is a serious issue and a major crime, but the amount of money we're talking about now is so mind staggeringly big I can't even process it. Before this came to light, it was probably easy to balance your legal and moral judgments with the legal ramifications and your knowledge of Uli Hoeneß the man. Now, it's definitely a lot harder because of the crushingly huge amount of money that is.

What's clear though is this story will end tomorrow with the final witness and judgment due. [Abendzeitung]