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Bayern Munich spend 90 minutes spanking Schalke 04. Win 5-1

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Bayern Munich win 5-1 at the Allianz Arena. Extend Bundesliga lead to 20 points.

Alexander Hassenstein

I'm actively running out of vocabulary words to describe Bayern Munich performances.

Beat. Check.

Stomped. Check.

Dominated. Check.

Slaughtered.. Check.

Stupendiferously won. Check.

Odiferous. Only if you're a Schalke player who forgot to put on their deodorant.

Inside 3 minutes. `1-0.  Inside 15 minutes. 2-0 Inside 30 minutes. 4-0. It was absolutely incredibly stupendous destruction for those first 30 minutes. The second half was a much more two-sided affair as Schalke made this a real soccer game for 30 minutes in the second half before Kyriakos Papadopoulos let Mario Mandzukic get unmarked behind him in the box. The resulting foul, and correctly given red card, were Schalke's death knell.

Thoughts from today's match:

  • Thiago Alcantara playing out on the left side has become a familiar theme recent;y with Mario Götze playing as the false 10. They interchange a great deal and it's been a fantastic way to really unlock both of their skillsets while still maintaining control in the center of the pitch with Kroos and Schweinsteiger.
  • Bayern Munich absolutely mauled Schalke 04 down the right side for the first 30 minutes. Leon Goretzka was dreadful in defense, and Kolasinac was absolutely overrun by Robben and Rafinha.The addition of Christian Fuchs was great in adding some stability to Schalke on that side of the pitch. However, it was certainly too little too late.
  • The Rafinha own goal was an accident waiting to happen. Schalke did an excellent job pushing play wide and putting Bayern under tremendous pressure for the first 20 minutes of the second half. While the set piece was a rather pitiful attempt, it took a deflection and hit an unsuspecting Rafinha directly in the feet. He did his best under those conditions to trying turning away from goal, but it hit awkwardly and scooted into the corner.
  • Arjen Robben got a hat trick. Cuz he scores when he wants! He scores when he wants!
  • The most impressive man in this match was Mario Mandzukic. The Croatian was an indomitable force up top and in the air, finishing with 6 shots, 5 on target, a goal and an assist.