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FCB Frauen topple Triple-winners Wolfsburg, extend Thomas Wörle's contract

A great Wednesday evening for the women of FC Bayern, as they got back on track with a win against Wolfsburg and announced an extension to head trainer Thomas Wörle's contract.

Matthias Kern

In one of the more confusing ledes some will read this year, Bayern beat the reigning Triple-winners in Munich on Wednesday night by a score of 3-1.

Obviously this is a post about the Frauen-Bundesliga but that's no excuse not to have the t-shirts printed up anyways, as Bayern got the win they so desperately needed to remain in the hunt for the Champions League places, now only 4 points back of the Wolves.

The match started, and in many ways ended, with goalkeeping errors.

Only four minutes into the match, Kathrin Längert took too much time with a back-pass as she shuffled to her left and VfL's Nadine Keßler leaped in front of the clearance, deflecting it into the goal to open scoring.

FCB came back with a "Bavarian answer" only two minutes later when Sarah Hagen's attempt hit the crossbar and went over the line, then did both once more (It's a Double Lampard!), but not clearly enough for the referee. Wolfsburg failed to clear and Leonie Maier shot across her body to the near post, beating Schult to the line. We all know that the ball does often lie, but in this case Bayern were nice enough to coax the truth out of it.

Leo Maier almost got a second in the 35th minute, but her shot hit the crossbar. This was after a nifty little trick along the touchline by Eunice Beckmann.

A tight match from then on, it looked as if die Damen would hold Wolfsburg to yet another 1-1 draw this season.

However, a quarter-hour from time, Bayern made an attacking move through Vanessa Bürki who charged forward from the back. She found Hagen on the wing, who cut inside and shot. The shot was deflected and seemed to be floating harmlessly towards VfL's Almuth Schult in goal, but Schult misjudged the ensuing bounce and the short-hop caught her stomach and rebounded straight to Bürki, who had continued her run. Bürki made quick work of the opportunity and sent Bayern in front.

In the 83rd minute, it was Bürki again charging forward and again laying it off to her left. Schnaderbeck fired across goal, but Schult got a glove on it. This time it was Hagen getting the goal she deserved, appropriately in the exact manner she had 'assisted' the other two.

Highlights are below:

<iframe width='700' height='490' src='' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>


In news complementary to the 3-1 win, FCB Frauen extended the contract of trainer Thomas Wörle through 2017. He said in the same press release;

"Those in charge have continuously offered the opportunity to develop the women's game at FC Bayern"


Lastly, you can now get your very own FCB Frauen trikot, Allianz sponsor and all, here.

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