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UCL: Arsenal (0-2) Bayern | Instant Analysis

The Bavarians played very well and posted a thoroughly dominant performance away to Arsenal for the win.

Shaun Botterill

Some points from the first half:

-Bayern were nearly played off the pitch in the first 10 minutes, but withstood the pressure well even after conceding a penalty through Boateng.

-About the penalty: not the roughest foul in the world, but if we're going by the "if it's a foul at midfield it's a foul in the box" line of logic, then it was a fair call. Özil made a brilliant cutback and Boateng was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It happens.

-The other penalty in the first half wasn't so soft and was much more malicious. Arsenal's Wojciech Szczęsny was lucky not to break Arjen Robben's plant leg on his challenge. The Polish keeper was given a red card and deservedly so, even though the rest of the Emirates kept on at Robben as if he took a dive.

-Alaba's attempt was placed in the right direction but only a foot wide. Although there's no excuse not to hit the target on a penalty.

Second half

-Arsenal being down to 10 men became very apparent, they started being very selective in their counterattacks.

-Toni. Kroos.

-Bayern at one point had over 300 passes in the second half to Arsenal's 17. This was around the 75th. Yeah.

-The 0-2 was some time in coming, Lahm's beautiful pass to Müller deserved two goals to its name.

-FCB pushed for a third and nearly got it several times, but 0-2 is the scoreline I predicted and is one I'll take to the bank.

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