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Bayern Munich vs. Bayer Leverkusen : Man of the Match and Community Ratings

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Juan Bernat takes home Man of the Match honors in Bayern Munich's 1-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

In a surprising turn of fate, this weeks man of the match went to a defender and not to a goalscorer. Bayern Munich leftback Juan Bernat took home man of the match honors with an aggregate rating of 4.36 on the back of a solid defensive performance that included a dramatic goal line clearance to keep Bayer Leverkusen off the scoreboard just minutes into the first half.


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Juan Bernat 4.36 0.91
Sebastian Rode 4.34 0.85
Jerome Boateng 4.29 0.68
Franck Ribery 4.29 0.81
Manuel Neuer 3.93 0.75
Xabi Alonso 3.81 0.77
Arjen Robben 3.63 0.58
Rafinha 3.55 0.8
Mehdi Benatia 3.5 0.67
Robert Lewandowski 3.27 0.71
Thomas Müller 2.95 0.95
Bastian Schweinsteiger 2.93 0.97
Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg 2.67 0.76
Mario Götze 2.64 0.96

The other big performers for Bayern Munich were Sebastian Rode whose halftime substitution and tireless aggressive work rate turned the entire match on it's ear from a Leverkusen perspective. The young midfielder was a dynamic force for Bayern Munich and a very important cog in shutting down the Bayer Leverkusen pressing game. That with just half the time as Juan Bernat on the pitch, the fact that Rode was beaten out of man of the match honors by two one-hundredths of a point says everything you should need to know about how impressive Sebastian Rode was for Bayern Munich. Jerome Boateng had another one of this beginning-to-end solid performances while Franck Ribery's goal earned him a significant bump as expected.

One the opposite side of the spectrum there were few surprised as Thomas Müller and Mario Götze both earned below average aggregate ratings. The duo had relatively quiet games, especially in the case of Mario Götze who was withdrawn at halftime. The two attackers were far from their best against a staunch Leverkusen side, and their ratings showed exactly that. The other poor performers were Bastian Schweinstegier and Pierre Hojbjerg but considering their aggregate playing time amounted to a grand total of 6 minutes, it's more likely they should have received an incomplete rather then actual grade.