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Mario Götze auctioned off his World Cup boots for charity

Mario Götze auctioned off his World Cup winning boots and then donated the entire amount to German charity Ein Herz Für Kinder

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Remember this moment in July?

What you may not have been paying attention to as Mario Götze's shot shot whistled past Sergio Romero (and we all lost our collective heads) was his boot. Or if you were paying attention to it, it was because Götze was striking the ball.

However, now we're all paying attention to it for other reasons as Mario Götze recently auctioned of his World Cup winning left boot for charity to the tune of €2,000,000. According to BILD, the recipient of said donation was German charity Ein Herz Für Kinder, a long standing organization, whose gala TV event will be shown tonight on ZDF in Germany.

It's really wonderful to see that underneath the teenager-like-air that Mario Götze seems to carry, that he's at heart a wonderful human being. It may be just a shoe to many of us, but now it is a message of social action to support those in society who are the most vulnerable. Good on you Mario! Do this again in 2 years at the Euros.