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Bayern Munich and DFL vote to add goal line technology starting next season

The Bundesliga voted 15 to 3 today to implement goal line technology starting next summer.

Warren Little/Getty Images

It's now official! Just 8 months after the the DFL rejected the use of goal line technology for this season, the Bundesliga has voted to employ the use of goal line technology starting in July of 2015. With 15 of the 18 Bundesliga clubs voting in favor of the technology it was a fantastic showing of support for a technology that has been widely demonstrated in the past year. In the previous vote in March, only 9 Bundesliga clubs joined with 3 from the 2.Bundesliga voted in favor of implementing the technology.

It's a big step forward for the Bundesliga, with only Schalke, Eintracht Frankfurt, and Paderborn voting against the technology's use. While Paderborn's vote against the technology is easy to understand - given they might have less money then Philipp Lahm keeps in his underwear drawer - the choices by long time Bundsliga stalwarts Schalke and Frankfurt are a little harder to understand. Maybe a Stefan Kießsling phantom tor will teach them a lesson. While the initial rejection of the technology last March was understandable given the cost of the system (BPL estimates range upwards of €500,000 per club over three years) the new agreement the Bundesliga was able to strike will see the cost dip to about €8000 per game, or about €320,000 annually for the league.

The Bundesliga will use the "Hawkeye" goal line technology product - the same one in the Premier League - rather then the domestic German option of Goal control that was used at the World Cup.

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