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Pepe Reina is nearing his return from injury

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The goalkeeper is really excited to be almost back from injury. (Look at the picture. See!)

Pepe is REALLY excited to be almost back.
Pepe is REALLY excited to be almost back.
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

While the injuries to David Alaba and Philipp Lahm in recent weeks have overshadowed others, the fact remains that Bayern Munich have been playing without a true backup goalkeeper since the injuries to Pepe Reina and Tom Starke. However, after missing the previous eight weeks with a calf injury, Reina is getting closer to returning to full training.

"I might still need some time until I can train with the team, but I'm working and am very optimistic." Reina said at the opening of the club's new fan shop in Berlin. "And, of course, I can't wait to come back. I'm on the home stretch. I've worked hard at the gym in order to return to the field stronger than before."

Manuel Neuer has played every minute of every competitive match thus far for FC Bayern, and I would be shocked if another goalkeeper played any minutes in 2014. However, in the new year, perhaps a fully healthy Reina will warrant a start to give Neuer a break at some point?

Watch the full interview with Reina below.

Though, when you look at the following tweet from Squawka, do you want to question just how hard Reina has been working at the gym? Perhaps, this is just a bad angle.