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Jan Kirchhoff hopeful that Schalke will pick up the buy option on his loan contract

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Jan Kirchhoff wants to stay at Schalke, the only question is whether or not Schalke want to pick up the €6M purchase option on his loan contract.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Almost two calendar years ago Jan Kirchhoff signed with Bayern Munich. Almost a calendar year ago, Bayern Munich loaned out the then-promising young defensive midfielder to Schalke 04. Now, after several injuries and a rough start under Jens Keller, the 24-year old German youth international has carved out a niche for himself under new Schalke manager Roberto di Matteo.

When details surfaced in late November that Jan Kirchhoff had a €6M buy option in his loan contract with Schalke, the inevitable question came around to whether or not he had made enough of an impression with Schalke to earn that transfer. Now after nearly two months with Robert di Matteo in charge, Kirchhoff has become a mainstay feature in the Schalke midfield logging 10 appearances and a little over 650 minutes of play across both the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

In an interview with, he unequivocally lays down that he would rather remain at Schalke full time then return to Bayern Munich, stating "Of course, I have a preference. If you would ask me concretely if I want to stay, I'd probably say ‘Yes'. Whether this fits for all parties at the end, is a different matter." He further goes on to address the circumstances surrounding his signing and time at Bayern Munich, saying "In that moment that was just how it was for me. I am not sure if this is the case with everybody,"..."Bayern showed me where I could improve myself and what my role would be, and it was simply the best package at that time. That's why I decided to join them."

Considering that in the intervening year, Bayern Munich has brought in Mehdi Benatia, Xabi Alonso, as well as transitioned David Alaba into a box-to-box midfield role, there's no room for Jan Kirchhoff at Bayern Munich. With the transfer option reportedly set to expire at the end of the 2014 calendar year, the ball is firmly in Schalke's court over whether or not they want to exercise the option to buy.

€6M is peanuts for a large club like Schalke 04 -- and it's especially peanuts for a dynamic well-rounded defensive midfielder  -- and they would be crazy not to buy Kirchhoff. It's even crazier to not buy a good player who wants to play for you at that price. Step on it, Horst Heldt.