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Bayern Munich release winter schedule

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After the final match of 2014, FC Bayern release their winter schedule.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Full Winter Schedule

December 20

With the final match of the Hinrunde in the books after Friday's victory against Mainz, Bayern Munich have headed off for the next few weeks for a break following a rigorous first half of the season.

January 7

Players report back to Munich from the winter break.

January 9

The first team and coaching staff, likely along with several reserve players, will make the trip to Doha for the winter training camp.

January 13

Bayern will play a friendly in Doha against a local team from the Qatar Stars League.

January 17

The club will swing by Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for another friendly against a local side.

January 18

After nearly a week in the Middle East,  Bayern will return to Munich for the remainder of training before the Rückrunde.

January 23

Bayern will travel to the northwest of Germany for a friendly against 2.Bundesliga side VfL Bochum.

January 24

The club continue the tradition of meeting with various fan clubs on this day.

January 30

The winterpause ends, and Bayern kick off the Rückrunde with a visit to the Volkswagen Stadium to take on VfLWolfsburg.