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Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena will expand to 75,000 seats

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With the final opposition gone, the Allianz Arena will expand to 75,000 seats.

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

Beginning with Bayern Munich's February 3 match against Schalke, the seating capacity in Bundesliga games at the Allianz Arena will now be 75,000. The final opposition to the proposed expansion, the Münchner Verkehrgesellschaft (MVG), have told Süddeutsche Zeitung that they no longer have any concerns over the increase in seating.

MVG's opposition to the increase was mostly due to a fear that it would overwhelm the Munich S-Bahn system. However, in the last few matches, Bayern have been paying for shuttles to transport fans to and from the stadium. The first match, against CSKA Moscow, 300 fans took advantage of the service. Against Mainz this week, that increased to 500. The MVG expect that will increase since Bayern only sent out emails to 2,000 club members letting them know about the new shuttle service as a test.

The expansion will see the Allianz Arena go from 71,168 seats for Bundesliga matches to 75,000 and from 67,858 to 69,344 for the Champions League. The Allianz will become the second largest stadium in Germany passing the Olympiastadion, only behind Dortmund's Signal Iduna Park. It will also become the 12th largest stadium in Europe.

However, you won't have to wait for any construction. The seats were installed months ago and have just been waiting final approval.