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Bayern Munich (2-1) Mainz 05: Player Ratings & Meister of the Match

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Steve Dykes/Getty Images

It was a rough go of it for Bayern Munich after allowing an early goal to Mainz before sealing victory at the death of normal time. Closing out the Hinründe with a Bundesliga record number of points is never easy, and Mainz made sure Bayern Munich earned that honor. Here are today's honorees and Meister of the Match

Tip O' The Cap: Arjen Robben - The Dutch half of "Robbery" held down the right side well making several key passes and winning a few aerial battles. His goal, even though it may have been a sitter, demonstrated his positional awareness and the chemistry he has with Thomas Müller.

Golf Clap: Pierre-Emile Höjbjerg - The Dane played the kind of game that you may not notice as a spectator, but was very quietly effective. Logging a full 90 minutes, which is an accomplishment in and of itself, he also led the team with 121 touches and a whopping 91% passing accuracy. Hopefully this will assuage his fears of getting playing time in the future. Pep seems to have a lot of confidence in the kid.

Standing Ovation: Franck Ribery - The French international paired well with Robben for the majority of the match. Franck registered 4 shots in the game but one play really stood out. With time winding down, Ribery made a key interception near midfield to start the counter attack. When a Mainz defender came at him from behind with some clear contact, Ribery kept his feet and fed the ball wide to Juan Bernat who crossed the ball for Arjen Robben's game winning goal. Robben may have scored, but it was RIbery who started the whole sequence.

Meister Of The Match: Bastian Schweinsteiger - His brilliant goal in the 24th minute aside (and it WAS brilliant), he was a big reason why Bayern dominated possession in this match. Without his midfield partner in Xabi Alonso, much of the control and distribution responsibilities of Bayern Munich fell to Schweinsteiger. With this match, he thoroughly shook off any questions or concerns about his health or fitness. Der Fußballgott is back

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