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Community Ratings: The Bayern Munich multi-match pack

It's a multi-match community ratings pack for the performances against Hoffenheim, Manchester City, and Hertha BSC. Someone won twice in three matches.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Matchday 12 vs. TSG Hoffenheim


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Arjen Robben 4.61 0.53
Mario Götze 4.41 0.6
Robert Lewandowski 4.35 0.63
Bastian Schweinsteiger 4.27 0.77
Manuel Neuer 4.02 0.74
Sebastian Rode 3.98 0.92
Franck Ribery 3.78 0.81
Jerome Boateng 3.65 0.8
Xabi Alonso 3.64 1.06
Mehdi Benatia 3.6 0.7
Thomas Müller 3.35 0.96
Juan Bernat 3.3 0.82
Dante 3.1 0.77
Rafinha 3.07 0.78

What happens when you score a goal and bag an assist against Hoffenheim? Apparently if you're Robert Lewandowski you lose out to Arjen Robben and Mario Götze in the community ratings. The Polish striker came in third in the community ratings while fellow ex-Borussia Dortmund teammate Mario Götze's beautiful goal was only enough to earn him second place. It is Arjen Robben who take home the community man of the match honors with his goal and assist - on the wonderful Robert Lewandowski header.

The biggest surprises were Bastian Schweinsteiger and Sebastian Rode who scored massive points for their beauty of a late goal and the way their addition turned the game on it's head, helping Bayern Munich to thoroughly dismantle the Hoffneheim defense.

Elsewhere in the ratings, the entire team graded out above the average mark of 3.0 though Rafinha's  mark of only 3.07 seemed very low. While he may not have been a dynamic wing force for Bayern Munich, he put in a thoroughly impressive tactical shift for Bayern Munich doing a lot of the dirty work in midfield for the side.

Champions League Matchday 5 vs. Manchester City

ucl5-city-community ratings

Player Rating. Std Dev.
Robert Lewandowski 3.91 0.83
Xabi Alonso 3.7 1
Arjen Robben 3.59 1.09
Manuel Neuer 3.48 0.95
Franck Ribery 3.45 0.98
Jerome Boateng 3.41 1.02
Pierre Hojbjerg 3.39 0.95
Dante 3.39 1.13
Juan Bernat 3.16 0.86
Rafinha 3.07 0.76
Sebastian Rode 2.59 1.24
Bastian Schweinsteiger 2.39 1.48
Xherdan Shaqiri 2.14 1.36
Mehdi Benatia 1.73 0.85

In a first for Bayern Munich this season, a player has taken home a grade lower then 2. Stand up and take a bow Mehdi Benatia! That's mostly so we can pelt you with rotten tomatoes for the bone headed challenge that put Bayern Munich a man down with over 70 minutes to play.

In other firsts, this was the first time man of the Match honors went to a player with an aggregate rating under 4. Robert Lewandowski ,whose movement and attacking thrusts gave the Manchester City defense fits even when down a man and were a huge piece of the puzzle for Bayern, earned your man of the match honors with a 3.91.

The most notable performance of the day went to Pierre Hojbjerg who graded out at 3.4 on the back of impressive interplay with Xabi Alonso that helped Bayern Munich run circles around the Manchester City midfield in the first half. However, all the Bayern Munich replacements in the second half fared very poorly as Bastian Schweinstegier, Sebastian Rode, and Xherdan Shaqiri got pasted over in the ratings with Rode the only one coming out on top. Those three had huge disparities in their ratings, as evidenced by their standard deviations and were obviously a source of great consternation on the part of Bayern Munich fans. Then again, giving up two late goals to blow the gutsiest and most impressive performances of the season is always going to manifest itself in that way.

Matchday 13 vs. Hertha BSC


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Arjen Robben 4.58 0.5
Manuel Neuer 4 0.76
Jerome Boateng 3.94 0.75
Xabi Alonso 3.92 0.81
Dante 3.78 0.87
Robert Lewandowski 3.58 0.91
Juan Bernat 3.56 0.81
Thomas Müller 3.56 0.94
Rafinha 3.53 0.81
Franck Ribery 3.53 0.88
Mario Götze 3.19 1.01
Bastian Schweinsteiger 3.17 1.13
Sebastian Rode 3.03 0.91

A 1-0 win over a defensively stout Hertha BSC? It's the goal scorer's to take home as Arjen Robben won man of the match honors for the second time since the international break.

Coming in second in the voting was a surprising Manuel Neuer who faced 4 shots, only one of which was on target all evening. Sweeper keeping all evening does tend to produce highlights though so it's definitely something memorable from what was an otherwise pretty drab affair. Rounding out the list of other top votes was Xabi Alonso who earned an exact 4, about par for the course for him.

Once again, no Bayern Munich player scored below the average mark. That this is coming with ever greater frequency now shows how well this team is starting to gel as a squad with no obvious liabilities.

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