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Breno's Germany adventure is finished as he returns to Brazil

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After a tumultuous time in Germany, Breno heads home to Brazil.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

In December 2007, Bayern Munich announced that São Paulo FC's Breno Vinicius Rodrigues Borges had signed a four and a half year deal with the club. The much ballyhooed 18 year old Brazilian defender was also sought after by other European heavyweights such as Real Madrid, Milan, and Juventus.

Fast forward nearly four years. Breno was arrested on arson charges for setting his own home on fire in a drunken stupor. Less than a year later in July 2012, he was handed a 3 year and 9 months prison sentence with an order of deportation on it's completed. Three and a half years into what was supposed to be a lengthy and productive European journey, Breno's footballing career is possibly finished. His future is uncertain.

Breno served one year of his prison sentence before being given the opportunity to enter into a work-release program. This meant that, if Breno could find a job, he would be released from the prison during the day, only having to return for sleeping.

"I'm a little nervous, but I'm in good shape now. I'm delighted, and I'd like to thank the prison authorities and FC Bayern for this chance."

press conference was called at Säbener Strasse on August 19, 2013, and the two participants were Uli Hoeneß and Breno. The club announced that they would be bringing in Breno to work as an assistant coach with the reserve team and the youth teams.

"FC Bayern will do everything it can to help," Hoeneß gave his guarantee. "We've been informed by the prison authorities that he has behaved impeccably and has been an exemplary prisoner. His behaviour here will be just as flawless."

Hoeneß would go on to mention that São Paulo FC expressed an interest in bringing Breno back to the club. By the end of 2013, he had inked a deal that would see him join São Paulo once he was fully released from prison and allowed to return home. The contract would expire in October 2015.

Today is December 18, 2014. Breno is no longer employed by FC Bayern Munich after he was released from his prison sentence due to good behavior. The Brazilian flew home to São Paulo where he will try to restart his life. Brazilians haven't forgotten Breno. He was stopped in the airport for autographs and pictures. "I am returning to Brazil with my head held high and I am taking it as a new start to my career," he told GloboEsporte.

Breno will restart his career where it first began. São Paulo FC will allow him the proper rehabilitation to get back into the necessary physical shape, and Breno will continue to see counseling as he strives to find the "normal life" of a professional footballer.

His career in red may not have gone to plan, but Breno was part of the FC Bayern family. The club looks after it's own.

Good luck, Breno.

Mia san mia.