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The Xherdan Shaqiri to Wolfsburg transfer rumors remind us to be careful this transfer season

The Xherdan Shaqiri transfer rumors are short on substance but that won't stop the rumor mill from adding anything they can use as fuel.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Bayern Munich transfer buzz yesterday was all about Xherdan Shaqiri and Wolfsburg. It started with a report in Sport BILD, before making the leap to serveral other sources and then into the rumor mill. Each stop along the path, the story picks up more content and more steam until it's a full blown transfer saga.

Regardless of what any one of us thinks about the story in terms of Xherdan Shaqiri's fit at Wolfsburg (and I think this would be a great move for him, if true), it's a story that doesn't have a ton of details or backing behind it. That may change in the coming days, but it could also just as easily disappear into the ether like so many other transfer stories.

However, when you starting looking down the transfer chain you end with pieces like this one from the Daily Star. It's in essence a straight regurgitation of what Sport BILD reported, but with some extra juicy nuggets thrown in.

The clubs honorary president Franz Beckenbauer recently indicated Shaqiri will leave.

"Bayern have already given some indications to the lad," he said.

"He can leave Bayern Munich during the winter transfer window.

"Personally, i want players who want to stay here with us, for me if a player doesn’t want to be here then it’s right he go to another club." - Daily Star

First things first, it's Franz Beckenbauer. The Bayern Munich legend, who despite the lofty sounding title of honorary president, doesn't actually make any personnel or business decisions at Bayern Munich (at least anymore). He may be their global brand ambassador but exactly what that entails besides doing TV interviews where he says things like the above before going out to kiss babies, I'm still not sure. The words are in essence pointless fluff amidst the overall rumor, yet are presented as the main takeaway juxtaposed to the rumor.

The main point though is the stark example of how the transfer rumor mill operates. What in essence is a small story is now so much more scintillating with the well timed insertion of a choice quote with no bearing. Be aware this transfer season.

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