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Gianluca Gaudino, Tom Starke agree new deals with Bayern Munich

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Gianluca Gaudino and Tom Starke will remain at Bayern Munich for the foreseeable future.

Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

Having recently turned 18 years old, the time was coming for Gianluca Gaudino to get his first professional contract with Bayern Munich. He's been making a measly €250 a week on the youth contract, and his time for a pro contract is today.

Gaudino's new contract see him stay in Bayern colors through the summer of 2018. He'll be 21 years old when this new contract expires, so if FC Bayern see fit to renegotiate at that time, they'll do what needs to be done to keep Gaudino here long term.

"Gianluca is our own youth product and a very good fit to FC Bayern. He's an extremely intelligent player," Sporting Director Matthias Sammer said. "It's a positive signal to all the youth players at Bayern: if you perform, there's always the chance of a professional contract with the club."

Gaudino has performed well in the minutes that he's received this year, and my only criticism (if you can even call it that) is that he needs to get stronger to play in the center of midfield. Then, I remember that he just turned 18 years old, and everything is all better.

Also, in goalkeeper news, Tom Starke extended his current contract for one more season, keeping him in Munich through 2016. "Over the last two and a half years Tom has always delivered when called upon," Sammer said. "He's made an essential contribution to our overall performance, but also to the mood in the dressing room."

Today is a good day to be a fan of FC Bayern just like every day.