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Bayern Munich (2-0) SC Freiburg: Player Ratings & Meister of the Match

Bayern dominated Freiburg for a victory in Pep Guardiola's 50th game. Pick how you thought the player performances were.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Bayern Munich dominated all phases of the game and in a game like that, there are a lot of potential players that could be considered for the post match awards. Feel free to submit who you think should get to walk the red carpet.

Tip O' The Cap: Arjen Robben – He came bombing down the right side of the pitch as he is known to do and for a while, he and Franck Ribery even switched sides for part of the match. He also did manage to score his 100th goal with Bayern and in pretty great fashion.

Golf Clap: Juan Bernat – His assist on Thomas Müller's goal was not a thing of beauty. It was pure effort, grit and determination. With a defender between him and the ball, most people would let it dribble out and take the corner. Not Bernat. He managed to reach his foot around the guy and flick the ball over to Müller via the cross bar. Outside of that play, he played a great box to box game from left back, and if not for Freiburg keeper Roman Bürki, could've had a couple goals.

Standing Ovation: Roman Bürki – Speaking of whom, the 24-year-old Swiss international was absolutely masterful in this game. He swatted away shot after shot after shot, and if not for the fact that he did actually lose the game, would have easily been the MOTM. I guarantee there will be some big clubs a callin' either this winter or this summer asking about him. He just made himself and his club a lot of money.

Meister Of The Match: Thomas Müller – To be put it bluntly, he was all over the pitch. When Robert Lewandowski went down to injury, he took up the role of target striker. My first reaction was that striker is not his "natural position" but then I realized he has no natural position because he plays so many at a high level. If not for Bürki's brilliance, he would have easily had another couple goals as well. He played a great all around game that probably won't get noticed by a lot of the pundits out there, but it was vintage Müller and it's why we love him.

How do you think the players did? Take a gander and rate the players yourself!

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