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Arjen Robben scores his 100th Bayern Munich goal in special fashion

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Arjen Robben. 100 goals in 184 games. A Bayern Munich legend.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Forty minutes into Bayern Munich's match with Freiburg, and Arjen Robben finally reached his Bayern Munich centennial. The Dutch winger scored his 100th goal for Bayern Munich, combining with his scintillating opposite number in Franck Ribery to put Bayern Munich into the lead.

A long floated ball over the top from Xabi Alonso, found the head of Franck Ribery, who knocked it back across the mouth of goal and the waiting head of Arjen Robben. After Franck Ribery reached his own centennial mark just 10 days ago, it was only fitting the scintillating duo commonly referred to as Robbery would go down in Bayern Munich history together.

While Ribery did reach the mark first, he required 186 games in a Bayern Munich uniform while Arjen Robben only required 184. The parallels of style and play between the two makes this a fitting anniversary for the pair. That they combined to produce this goal makes it even more special for them.

Bonus point: Arjen Robben didn't score his 100th goal with his left foot. He used his head.