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Community Ratings: Bayern Munich vs. CSKA Moscow and FC Augsburg

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Bastian Schweinsteiger and Arjen Robben earned Man of the Match awards for their performances against CSKA Moscow and Augsburg, but who were the other top performers for Bayern Munich?

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ucl6-moscow-community ratings

Player Rating. Std Dev.
Bastian Schweinsteiger 4.44 0.82
Sebastian Rode 4.39 0.67
Manuel Neuer 4.29 0.67
Arjen Robben 4.2 0.75
Mario Götze 4.04 0.79
Franck Ribery 3.93 0.84
Juan Bernat 3.87 0.78
Jerome Boateng 3.76 0.77
Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg 3.74 0.84
Dante 3.65 0.86
Thomas Müller 3.51 1.3
Mitchell Weiser 3.26 0.83
Robert Lewandowski 3.24 0.97
Gianluca Gaudino 3.08 0.92

A 3-0 drubbing of CSKA Moscow to finish out the group stage of the Champions League? Naturally the man of the match award went to the best goalscorer...wait, a second, Bastian Schweinsteiger? The Fußballgott took home the community's Man of the Match honors in his first start in a Bayern Munich uniform since last season. With a midfield partnership comprising of Pierre Hjbjerg, Gianluca Gaudino and Sebsatian Rode, Schweinstegier was the experienced leader on the pitch and the hub of Bayern Munich's attacking prowess. However, it wasn't until Sebastian Rode was moved into the middle late in the match that we saw Schweinsteiger and his partner flourish in annihilating the Moscow defense. Especially give the dramatic way that Schweinsteiger and Rode combined to tuck Bayern Munich's late second goal away, speaks to the way they combined to give lead the ratings in this match.

Manuel Neuer was in superb form with his sweeper keeper abilities justly rewarded while the whole squad reaped the benefits of the masterful display. Surprisingly, Thomas Müller who scored the first penalty of the game was a source of major consternation with a ratings deviation vastly out of proportion with the rest of the Bayern Munich side. While it wasn't his finest game in Bayern red (or in this case, red and blue), he did score a penalty with his usual aplomb. That has to be wortth something, right?

With youngsters Mitchell Weiser and Gianluca Gaudino also making impressive showings, it was a game that reminded us just how deep this Bayern Munch squad is.


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Arjen Robben 4.8 0.46
Bastian Schweinsteiger 4.22 0.71
Manuel Neuer 4.18 0.73
Medhi Benatia 4.1 0.87
Robert Lewandowski 4.06 0.59
Sebastian Rode 3.76 0.78
Franck Ribery 3.73 0.71
Juan Bernat 3.65 0.8
Jerome Boateng 3.63 0.76
Xabi Alonso 3.59 0.81
Thomas Müler 3.59 0.83
Rafinha 3.39 0.81
Mario Götze 3.22 0.74
Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg 2.95 0.83

After 56 minutes on Saturday Bayern Munich were level with FC Augsburg; mired in a scoreless to and fro affair. Then the floodgates opened for Bayern Munich as they poured in four goals in the space of 13 minutes, including a brace from Arjen Robben. The brace from the Dutchman consisted of two jaw dropping goals, rightly earning yet another Man of the Match nomination for himself.

Rounding out the other high flying performers were Bastian Schweinsteiger and Mehdi Benatia. The later's lock down defense and set piece goal bolstering his ratings after a run of poorly rated performances in mid-November.  It was another fantastic performance from Sebastian Rode who in the last few weeks has leaped from a solid bench piece to being one of Bayern Munich's most dynamic and aggressive midfielders.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pierre Hojbjerg's minutes were thoroughly panned as he graded out just below the 3 mark. That he came on after  the game was ostensibly over may have played a factor in his poor grade. All three substitutes placed in the bottom four of the rankings, joining Rafinha who was a surprising choice for just being average - especiallu considering the Brazilian played solid lock down defense the entire match. It was the kind of solid performance that doesn't stand out in a ratings system.