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Bayern Munich Frauen roll to a 5-0 win over Freiburg

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In a truly dominate performance, Bayern Munich Frauen defeat SC Freiburg 5-0.

Is there anything that Nora Holstad cannot do?
Is there anything that Nora Holstad cannot do?
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Bayern Munich Frauen ended the fall leg of the Frauen-Bundesliga season on a high note today thanks to a 5-0 win over SC Freiburg. With the win, the squad will retain second place in the league through the winter break.

Manager Thomas Worle kept the same starting XI that won the crucial game against Frankfurt last Sunday. This team has been on a roll recently and has dominated on both offense and defense. Bayern started the game by attempting several long passes early into Freiburg's box, but none were successful. Their first early chance came in the 11th minute when Melanie Behringer took a corner kick; however, it was unsuccessful, and they were denied.

Freiburg got an open counterattack a minute later and had a clear shot on the net, but the shot went well over the net. This gave Bayern the ball, who marched straight down the field and earned a foul. Behringer lined up to take the free kick and managed to connect straight to Norwegian international Nora Holstad who headed the ball right into the back of the net for a Bayern goal.

The goal gave Bayern a 1-0 lead at home in the first half. This scenario was once again the case for the high-powered offense, and the team did not let off the pressure. Caroline Abbe had a good shot that was denied just a few minutes later and so did the captain Behringer.

In the 27th minute, Melanie Leupolz had a good chance and sent the ball out to Vanessa Burki who got the ball behind the keeper to give Bayern a 2-0 lead. Leupolz was not done setting up plays though, as a few minutes later she found Mana Iwabuchi who had her shot miss, but got a rebound off a defender and converted the chance for a goal.

The team was truly working like a fine tuned machine at this point, and in the 37th minute team worked the ball upfield to set up Katherine Stengel for a goal to make it 4-0. This scoreline would hold into the half.

Stengel kept a relentless pace starting the second half and earned her second goal of the night in the 54th minute of the game. Bayern still kept a relentless pressure after this goal and had several close chances. In the 66th minute, Leupolz left the game and was replaced by defender Amber Brooks, who was playing in her last Frauen-Bundesliga match before returning to the United States. Brooks had been on loan from the NWSL.

In the 75th minute, Bayern subbed out goalscorer Iwabuchi and brought in Leonie Maier. They had a few chances after this point, but nothing could get past the goalkeeper.

At the final whistle, the score was 5-0 Bayern. The reds dominated their opponent throughout the entire game and it was truly and entire team effort. With the win, Bayern will head into the winter break as the second place team in the Frauen-Bundesliga. The team will not play another league match until the beginning of February, however the team will be extremely busy during the meantime. Bayern has a cup quarterfinal match next Sunday and will no doubt want to continue their recent form in that match.

Also exciting for the team is a training trip to the United Sates in late January. The team will be taking advantage of the warm Florida weather and will use the opportunity to train and play two friendlies. But, before they can think of warm skies, they must focus on advancing in the cup next week.

Team W D L F A GD Pts.
Wolfsburg 11 2 0 34 1 +33 35
Bayern München 10 3 0 39 4 +35 33
Turbine Potsdam 10 1 2 35 14 +21 31
FFC Frankfurt 9 1 3 44 11 +33 28
SGS Essen 5 2 6 17 18 -1 17
Hoffenheim 4 3 6 12 22 -10 15
Freiburg 5 0 8 17 35 -18 15
USV Jena 3 5 5 17 22 -5 14
Bayer Leverkusen 3 4 6 14 25 -11 13
SC Sand 3 1 9 15 28 -13 10
Duisburg 1 4 8 8 33 -25 7
Herforder SV 0 2 11 13 52 -39 2