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Manchester United make another attempt to sign Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben

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A report says that Manchester United will make their three millionth attempt to sign Arjen Robben.

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Yes, it's that time of the month where a newspaper out of England says that Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson David Moyes Louis Van Gaal wants to sign Arjen Robben from Bayern Munich. This time, it's only for a lowly £24 million. However, the big caveat in this rumor is "but the Bundesliga giants won't let him leave unless he requests a transfer".

First, I don't believe that Bayern would let Robben leave for only £24 million. Second, I don't believe that Robben wants to put in a transfer request. So, yes, like most rumors from English rags, this one is likely garbage. It is a little crazy how long that Manchester United has been "trying to sign" Robben, though. It seems like every other month since he joined Bayern from Real Madrid that United has been "close to signing him". And, why wouldn't they want him? Have you seen him play lately? He's phenomenal.

So, without further ado, I give you a list of ten things that were shorter than Manchester United's pursuit of a Robben transfer.

  1. The amount of time Hans-Joachim Watzke spent complaining about Bayern to friends during Borussia Dortmund's most recent loss
  2. The time it takes to transition from Disney pop star to "OH MY GOD my life is trainwreck"
  3. The last time Bayern scored from a corner kick
  4. The length of Picasso's Blue Period
  5. The last time 1860 Munich played in the Bundesliga
  6. The years since Prince dropped Purple Rain on the world
  7. The time between Meryl Streep's Best Actress wins at the Oscars
  8. The years that Moses wandered in the desert
  9. The last time that that Schalke won the German championship
  10. The duration of the Jurassic Era

Feel free to add more in the comments.