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PLAYER RATINGS: Bayern Munich win Bavarian Derby over FC Augsburg

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It was a gridlock for FC Bayern for 57 minutes, but they tore down the Augsburg wall of defense in the second half.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Bayern Munich defeated Augsburg on Saturday and once again showed that once the dam breaks they can pour in goals with ease. Augsburg have had a great season to date and seemed determined to hit FCB on the counter. In fact, they nearly came close on multiple occasions. However, the backline recovered well to keep them off the scoreboard.

However, we're here to discuss man of the match options and player ratings. Let's get to it.

Arjen Robben: What can you say about Robben that we haven't said before now? His second goal in the match was a classic Robben cut-in-on-his-left-foot goal, but let's talk about that first goal. Bayern had just taken a lead a few minutes earlier through a Mehdi Benatia header, and Robben's goal broke the spirit of Augsburg's players. His curled shot was struck perfectly and went in the goal off the far post. Alex Manninger had absolutely zero chance of saving such a perfect strike. Honestly, is there anyone playing better than Robben right now?

Bastian Schweinsteiger: How great is it to see Schweinsteiger back on the field? Bayern finished the match around 70%, and Schweinsteiger's performance in the midfield was another significant step in his path to full recovery. After coming in post-75th minute in his first four matches since coming back from his injury, Bastian played a full match against CSKA midweek and went 72 minutes today.

Robert Lewandowski: The Polish striker's goal crushed any and all hopes of an Augsburg comeback. Lewandowski has been ridiculously criticized in some corners for not scoring enough goals. However, he's tied with Mario Götze with seven goals on the season which is only one behind Robben. Lewandowski is doing just fine, and today's goal was another example of that fact.