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Bayern Munich Frauen head to Florida for winter camp

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FCB will play two friendlies during the trip.

While the men are headed to Qatar, Bayern Munich Frauen announced today that they will be heading to Florida this winter where they will play two friendlies. The trip will be from January 21-2. Allianz is sponsoring the trip as part of it's "continued commitment to support FCB teams and the growth of soccer in the US."

Allianz are big supporters of the women's game. They are FCB Frauen's main sponsor and the title sponsor for the German national team and the Frauen Bundesliga. Allianz Germany AG chairman Bernd Heinemann said, "We believe in women's soccer with great conviction. Our goal is to showcase and promote the women's game, especially in the year leading up to the Women's World Cup in Canada."

The first friendly will take place on January 24 in Gainesville against the University of Florida, and the second will be on January 27 in Orlando against the United States U-20 women's national team.

Bayern continues to push their brand expansion in America.Rudolf Vidal, the Managing Director of Bayern's office in America, said the following about the trip.

"Our goal is to continue bringing attention to soccer at all levels here in the States, while at the same time giving our passionate US fans access to our champion players. The training camp is another step in our internationalization strategy where we aim to expand the FC Bayern brand and engage the wider soccer community in the US."

You also have the opportunity to travel to Florida (paid for by Allianz) to be an Allianz Fan Reporter for the duration of the training camp. As Gina Lewandowski says in the above video, "Show us what women's soccer means to you by using the hashtag #FCBinFlorida, and you can travel to Florida with us." Here are the details of the competition if you're interested.