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Player Ratings: Bayern Munich beat CSKA Moscow

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Rate the players from Bayern's win over CSKA.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Bayern Munich ended Matchday 6 of the group stage in this year's UEFA Champions League with a 3-0 victory over CSKA Moscow. The Bavarians end the competition with 15 out of 18 points, and their only non-win coming in a match where they played for 70 minutes down a man. That's not too shabby.

Shall we talk about great performances? I don't necessarily think anyone was "great" on the day, but there were some that were very close to it.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: Der Fußballgott was given his first start since the end of last season, and he sure looked up for the challenge. Yes, it's "just" CSKA Moscow, but Bastian is still rounding back into form. Plus, this is still the Champions League. Bastian looked well in possession throughout the night, including setting a personal record for number of touches in a Champions League match. Plus, his assist to Rode was nice!

Mario Götze: Throughout the match, he continually threatened the CSKA backline by dinking-and-dunking in and around the defense. Many times, Götze found himself offside by just a step. Finally, in the dying minutes of the game, Götze caught them asleep, beat the offside trap, and deposited another goal.

Sebastian Rode: Rode scored his first Champions League goal, and like his first Bundesliga goal with Bayern, it was assisted by Schweinsteiger. If you follow us on Twitter, you're well aware that our very own Ryan Cowper is a HUGE fan of Rode. He brings an energy to the central of midfield that the rest of our players don't always bring. I'm all for Rode finding himself in the starting eleven more often.

Pierre Højbjerg: I know that Højbjerg has talked often this year about wanting more playing time and being willing to leave the club to find it. Tonight's performance from the young Dane shows exactly why Bayern are hesitant to give it to him. Højbjerg has grown into a well-rounded midfielder, and he's going to get better with time. He's only 19 but looked like he was playing in his 50th Champions League match out there. Højbjerg was great.