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Community Ratings: Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hamburger SV, and Borussia Dortmund

The Bavarian Football Works community ratings for 3(!) games. Against Mönchengladbach, Hamburger SV, and Borussia Dortmund.

Matthias Hangst

It's a multi-match community ratings bonanza! Three men of the match for the price of one.


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Manuel Neuer 4.93 0.31
David Alaba 4.13 0.73
Juan Bernat 3.93 0.82
Mehdi Benatia 3.71 0.75
Philipp Lahm 3.68 0.68
Xabi Alonso 3.38 0.78
Dante 3.18 0.71
Mario Götze 3.09 0.88
Thomas Müller 3 0.91
Rafinha 2.96 0.78
Franck Ribery 2.94 0.86
Claudio Pizarro 2.92 0.88
Robert Lewandowski 2.86 0.88
Xherdan Shaqiri 2.78 0.96

Matchday 9 was a 0-0 draw with Borussia Mönchengladbach where Bayern Munich were beaten in the tactical battle and were dominated in midfield by Cristoph Kramer. The only reason Bayern Munich walked away with a point was the stellar play of Manuel Neuer, who finished the match with the highest single game rating of the season for any Bayern Munich player. Earning a 4.93 with a standard deviation of just 0.31, it's apropos to say that Manuel Neuer put in one of his more flawless games in goal, getting the much deserved community man of the match. Rounding out the other above average performers were David Alaba and Juan Bernat, who earned a 4.13 and 3.93 respectively.

As belied by the ratings (and the match score), it was a polarizing match as a full 5 Bayern Munich players graded out somewhere between average and below average. That includes almost all of the attacking players. Even Thomas Müller and Mario Götze, who barely cleared a rating of average, were no immune to the effect. It's not surprising given Granit Xhaka and Cristoph Kramer had their numbers all game long


Player Rating. Std Dev.
David Alaba 4.63 0.66
Thomas Müller 4.27 0.81
Juan Bernat 4.2 0.78
Robert Lewadowski 4.2 0.68
Franck Ribery 4 0.84
Manuel Neuer 3.83 0.87
Xabi Alonso 3.77 0.87
Philipp Lahm 3.76 0.7
Jerome Boateng 3.66 0.82
Rafinha 3.59 0.81
Sebastian Rode 3.23 0.53
Pierre Hojbjerg 3.21 0.7
Claudio Pizarro 2.95 0.75
Dante 2.66 0.82

The DFB Pokal was an easy 3-1 win for Bayern Munich and the ratings bear that out. David Alaba took home the Man of the Match honors with his brilliant long range strike just before the stroke of halftime. The Austrian international was everywhere for Bayern Munich, a dynamic and potent midfield force, and he thoroughly deserved the honor.

Rounding out the other high flyers were Thomas Müller and the rest of the cast and crew of the attack. However, Juan Bernat was a surprise rating. The Spanish youth international has been steadily finding his niche and place in this Bayern Munich side and this win represents his best performance yet in a Bayern Munich uniform.

Dante was a scapegoat, whose one moment of indecisiveness gave away a goal to well worked goal to Pierre Michel Lasogga. The ratings pegged him down well below the average line and may perhaps be too harsh on the Brazilian international. He had a passably acceptable game other then that one incident. However, we're here to pass judgment, so who am I to argue with the voters? Dante sucks!!!


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Arjen Robben 4.33 0.98
Franck Ribery 4.26 0.88
Robert Lewandowski 4.04 0.82
Manuel Neuer 3.97 0.94
Mehdi Benatia 3.88 1.1
Jerome Boateng 3.81 0.92
Philipp Lahm 3.73 0.89
David Alaba 3.66 0.94
Xabi Alonso 3.55 0.9
Thomas Müller 3.43 1.01
Juan Bernat 3.37 0.89
Claudio Pizarro 2.99 0.9
Sebastian Rode 2.97 0.84
Mario Götze 2.96 1

In their Matchday 10 victory over Borussi Dortmund, Bayern Munich certainly had their share of brilliant performers. They also had their share of struggles in containing a very dynamic Borussia Dortmund attack.

Arjen Robben was a persistent thorn in Dortmund's side and for a good portion of the match he was the only Bayern Munich player generating any offensive impetus. However that changed when Ribery came on as the two of them picked up the highest ratings of the game, with Robben just edging out Ribery to pick up the community Man of the Match honors.

The rest of the Bayern Munich side rated out between average and above average, speaking to the overall consistency the entire team employed in their difficult 2-1 win. Mehdi Benatia and Jerome Boateng both received good marks despite their contributions to the Marco Reus goal (which one was responsible depends on your point of view, even though one of those points of view is wrong).

Substitutes Claudio Pizarro and Sebastian Rode were not able to make an imprint with the voters in their limited time on the pitch but at least they can console themslves with not getting the lowest rating of the match. That honor went to the invisible Mario Götze.

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