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Heinz Müller on Bayern Munich: "The hunger is awe-inspiring."

It took him two weeks of training with the club, but Heinz Müller has realized some truth about FC Bayern.

Dennis Grombkowski

Just over two weeks ago, we talked about former Mainz goalkeeper Heinz Müller training with Bayern Munich since the injuries to backup goalkeepers Pepe Reina and Tom Starke. The club would go on to confirm that Müller was only training with the club for an "internship" and would not be signed to a contract.

However, the club provided us with great interview with him today. Did you know that Heinz is into motor racing? Anyway, let's take a look at some of the important quotes.

You're training at Bayern. How did that come about?

I've not had a club since the summer and everyone knows the injury situation regarding the Bayern keepers. The enquiry from [FCB technical director] Michael Reschke came via my agent and I didn't think twice, even though it's only an internship.

I do like the fact that Reschke moved to bring in Müller after the injuries. While it seems clear that they weren't planning on signing him to a contract unless absolutely necessary, bringing in that veteran Bundesliga presence to help in training was a smart move.

How were the first few training sessions?

There are easier tasks then jumping in at the deep end at Bayern, as I found out in the first week. They're all world champions and global stars. The pace, composure on the ball, quick decision-making, instant summing up of the situation, moving the ball, staring down the keeper and slotting home into the corner - the standard is extremely high. I was awestruck at the start.

I know you're shocked to learn that a goalkeeper can't just walk in off of the street and perform against FC Bayern!

What was it like when you entered the dressing room for the first time?

I wasn't nervous because I've faced Bayern often enough and know plenty of the players. They gave me a fantastic welcome. They were all really friendly and no-one looked down his nose at me. It was easy, but still a bit special. There are so many World Cup winners, and I get to train with Manuel Neuer. Manuel is just great! The lad's so good, as you can see in training.

See, it's not just the fans that love Neuer!

However, it's time for the money quote.

Once you discover what goes on behind the scenes, what changes in your attitude towards FC Bayern?

People always go on about ‘Lucky Bayern' but now I know it has nothing to do with good fortune. The club is totally focused on success. The players have three matches a week but they're still working out in the weights room an hour before training. The hunger is awe-inspiring.

There are Wikipedia pages dedicated to "Bayern Luck" due to their ability to come back from the death at the end of matches to grab a point or three. However, as Müller states here, "Lucky Bayern" doesn't exist. You don't become the best players and team in the world by luck. You become the best in the world by working harder than everyone else.

There was some doubt by people after Bayern won the triple in the 2013 that the team might be satisfied. Hopefully, the quote from Müller puts it to rest.

The hunger is awe-inspiring.

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