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Community Ratings: Bayern Munich vs. AS Roma and Eintracht Frankfurt

Who won Community Man of the Match honors last week? How did the voters react to Thomas Müller's hat trick?

Alex Grimm

It's another double ratings bonanza as this time, it's the Community Ratings for last weeks wins over AS Roma and Eintracht Frankfurt.

vs. AS Roma

Player Rating. Std Dev.
David Alaba 4.67 0.58
Manuel Neuer 4.5 0.73
Franck Ribery 4.44 0.75
Juan Bernat 4.13 0.63
Mehdi Benatia 4.12 0.65
Jerome Boateng 4.1 0.75
Mario Götze 4.04 0.82
Philipp Lahm 3.92 0.71
Robert Lewandowski 3.84 0.61
Xabi Alonso 3.65 0.74
Rafinha 3.27 0.72
Sebastian Rode 3.12 0.76
Xherdan Shaqiri 3.06 0.88
Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg 2.93 0.78


Nothing quite caps off a 2-0 home win over AS Roma and clinching first in Group E in the Champions League like a brilliant performance from David Alaba. The Austrian international won man of the match honors. With an aggregate 4.67, the Austian plied his trade up and down the spine of midfield and on the left side of attack. While his match was cut short in the 80th minute due to injury, what was a massive blow to the Austrian and Bayern Munich was not a blow to his ratings.

Franck Ribery made his first start for Bayern Munich in months and earned plaudits for his goal and combination with David Alaba. The two of them were intimately linked for much of that match and perhaps it's time to start considering not just what Franck Ribery can bring to this team when he's healthy, but what his partnership with David Alaba can bring out of both of them simultaneously.

Besides the solidly "there" Rafinha, no Bayern Munich starter received a grade below 3.5. It is a mark that shows just how dominant Bayern Munich were as an entire team against a Roma side that came in seeking revenge for their humiliating 7-1 loss.

vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

Player Rating. Std Dev.
Thomas Müller 4.97 0.18
Manuel Neuer 4.39 0.58
Franck Ribery 4.16 0.66
Jerome Boateng 3.99 0.72
Philipp Lahm 3.85 0.68
Xabi Alonso 3.76 0.73
Xherdan Shaqiri 3.76 0.79
Dante 3.7 0.74
Mario Götze 3.7 0.7
Juan Bernat 3.62 0.78
Arjen Robben 3.52 0.75
Robert Lewandowski 3.51 0.69
Sebastian Rode 3.39 0.71
Rafinha 3.25 0.76


There were 89 votes cast for Bayern Munich's 4-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt. A grand total of 88 of those votes rated Thomas Müller exceptional, or 5.

A single voter rated him 4, or just "above average". I will find you and make you explain yourself, demon hell spawn of nothingness.

Thomas Müller's hat trick earned him the highest individual game rating of the season so far for Bayern Munich, and it was a performance that truly deserved such a rating. Often times hat tricks are just simply "right place at the right time" tap ins, however Thomas Müller was a man possessed as his goals spanned 30-yard runs and incisive cuts through the Frankfurt defense. It was truly a hat trick that he earned.

It was another match where every Bayern Munich player, even the substitutes came out with a grade higher then average. It's starting to become a regular theme as this team starts clicking into an amazing rhythm together.

Somehow Manuel Neuer came out of the match with a massive rating considering he spent his time stopping a grand total of two shots on target. Although he did do this, so whatever, I don't care what his rating ended up being and I don't think any of the rest of you do either. We're just going to continue watching that instead.

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