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Thiago Alcantara back in training with Bayern Munich after 6 month absence

Thiago is training again.

Alex Grimm

Thiago Alcantara is back. The 24-year-old Spanish playmaker is back training with Bayern Munich after multiple knee ligament injuries at the end of last season. Coupled with the syndesmosis tear that sidelined him for a good 2+ months at this time last year, and it's a wonder the man hasn't forgotten how to walk in the last calendar year.

So, one would naturally be extremely skeptical that Thiago is actually back and this isn't some grand illusion where at the end he pops out of a body bag riddled with Frankenstein like scars, electrical plugs disguised as accoutrement, and a grunting facade hinting at an abnormal brain. But avast ye worries, for we at BFW have conclusive proof that Thiago is back and ready for action!


See Thiago. See Thiago ball.

Skeptics: But Ryan, that picture may address the lack of Frankenstein like scars and electrical plugs but what about the abnormal brain and grunting facade?


See Thiago. See Thiago lunge at ball and make very difficult one-touch pass. See egg on your face, ye doubters.

Welcome back Thiago Alcantara. Now, please wear this custom designed suit made of bubble wrap. No, there are no long term cancer concerns.

The previous images came from FC Bayern's live streaming of a training today which can be seen below.

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