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Pepe Reina diagnosed with a calf injury; out several weeks

Pepe Reina will be sidelined for several weeks after being diagnosed with a severe calf injury by Bayern Munich physios.

Alexander Hassenstein

Pepe Reina done got himself injured yesterday during the Paulaner Cup, a meaningless friendly that exists solely for the purpose of having a ton of fun. So judge this injury based on that criteria - also, that Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world and Pepe Reina is not.

After examination today by Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfart, Pepe Reina was diagnosed with a severe left calf injury and will miss at least several weeks. That puts his anticipated return somewhere around the end of October or early November when Bayern Munich are vaulting back into the swing of mid-week matches again.

Now we get to see more Tom Starke riding the bench which at least carries with it an emotional component because he's actually played for Bayern Munich in a competitive fixture. At the least that will mean less aggravating emotional episodes for Liverpool fans who end up watching a Bayern Munich game. I'm searching for silver linings here people.

Get well soon, Pepe! Our bench needs a horrible goatee to adorn it again soon or it won't be complete!

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